Pet Portraits and Gift Offer

Get a portrait of your pet and get a gift from me

Right now I am offering a free gift of a custom designed silver plated charm, or drawstring backpack, or visor zip for any purchase orders over $200.00. Pet portraits are painted in acrylic, watercolor, oil, or pencil, charcoal. Contact and order forms are available on my website at Just send a good pixel photo of your pet plus 20% down payment. Prices and addresses available on the link provided.  Your free gift will be designed with your pet’s image. All prices are inclusive with shipping. No added fees.


Digital Reconstruction

via Digital Reconstruction.

I am here to help people who would like to take a photo of their pet, animal, person, and turn it into a miraculous digitally reconstructed picture by removing and/or adding decorative background, sprucing it up with style and decor, and also getting it printed to hang on your wall. Just need a good pixelated photo to bring to life. This service cost $29.95 CAN for the reconstruction, additional cost for the print material and shipping right to your door. Here is a sample you can view and click the link above to visit my website….Doberman PuppyFrom one photo to a more glamorous and memorable picture…

pdobpupheartfArt$say Logo

Custom Designed Fabrics

Choose a design and size at BeautyFull’s shop…

[url=]Butterfly Haven Fabric[/url] by [url=]BeatyFull[/url]
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